Where Aptitude Gains Altitude

There are many benefits available to those companies who choose to bring safety and compliance to the forefront of their company values:

Physical & Monetary Benefits

– Our member carriers save the government portion of their Alberta Driver Abstracts, Alberta Commercial Abstracts and CVIP shop licences.

– Permit fees for Oilwell Service Vehicle Cycle Exemption, CAODC, Divided Record Authority, Water Well Drilling Rig Exemption and the Municipal Firefighting Vehicle Exemption Permit, are waived for carrier members.

– Carrier members’ Safety Fitness Rating changes to ‘Excellent’

Operational & Cultural Benefits

– Positive driver attitude and company pride (an engaged workforce is a safe workforce)

– Fewer loss time claims, resulting in increased production and an increase in rebate with WCB

– Industry prestige and recognition as one of the safest carriers on our roadways, by the public, your peers and the enforcement agencies

– Carrier member’s “Excellent” rating on their Safety Fitness certificate and carrier profile leads to improved customer contacts and commitment  

– Opportunities for quarterly company safety program reviews, with the Partners In Compliance quarterly safety report

– Increased interaction with authorities, agencies and member companies

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Together we make the roads safer, efficient and more secure. 

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