Requirements & Commitments

The Code of the Road

Partners in Compliance is a program of excellence, and as such, we require our member carriers to meet and maintain several benchmarks. The application process is below:

  1. Successful Completion of the Pre-Qualification Survey
  2. Active Certificate of Recognition (COR), with successful external and maintenance audit(s)
  3. Successful completion of a National Safety Code (NSC) audit, performed by a certified auditor within 12 months
    • Once the Pre-Qualification Survey is submitted a PIC Coordinator will be in contact to discuss the next steps, which include:
      1. Completion of the PIC Membership Application
      2. Submission of NSC Audit Document and any supporting Action Plans
      3. Submission of COR Audit Document and any supporting Action Plans
      4. Submission of a Carrier Profile for a one-year period, pulled from within 30 days of application
      5. Submission of Alberta Transportation documentation or letters to your company concerning compliance or monitoring issues for the previous 12 months (to ensure carrier has not been in monitoring for last 12 months)
      6. Availability of a company’s safety management team to meet with representatives from Partners in Compliance, to discuss any issues, answer questionsOnce the above documentation has been submitted to the PIC Coordinator, a review will be completed and the next steps discussed


  • Once all documentation has been reviewed and no issues have been identified surrounding performance, an account on the PIC Safety Matrix Measurement Portal will be activated, where the applicant will be requested to setup their company profile and complete a Quarterly Report to do a final assessment of performance against the PIC Benchmarks and Intervention Levels. The following documents will be required to complete this report:
    1. Carrier Profile for a 1-year Period (pulled within 30 days of application)
    2. Hours of Service Audit Summary Sheet (for validation of Fatigue and Form & Manner Violations reported)

The expectation is that the applicants completed Quarterly Report must not exceed any benchmarks and the corresponding intervention levels.

Failure to complete or submit any of the items listed above will result in the application being returned. Applications must be completed within a 6-month period from the date of successful submission.

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