What We Do

Advancing Alberta’s roadway safety

In our province, a growing number of safety-minded professionals continue to transform the commercial transportation industry. These companies and their employees are committed to excellence in highway safety, 24/7. Partners in Compliance (PIC) provides an opportunity for motor carriers to first realize higher safety standards, and then the means to be recognized for those achievements.

Our Approach



Our members achieve Alberta’s highest standard of roadway safety excellence. From physical and monetary benefits to operational and cultural advantages, we recognize and reward that commitment.



As a strong network of like-minded leaders, together, Partners in Compliance solves our members’ challenges on the road, meet at forward-thinking safety conferences and hold informative industry events.



Always progressing and improving, we work with government, regulators and partners to advance roadway safety standards—for the benefit of our fleets, companies and communities.

Rise in Rank

Together, we make the roads safer, efficient and more secure. 

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